Barb’s Buzz – Keep Your Traditions, Just Keep It Simpler

As the holidays approach,I anticipate accomplishing my traditions. Included in my list is decorating the inside and outside of the house, baking everyone’s favorite cookies and the Advent calendars.
When my adult children were little kids, I made each one an advent calendar made of felt in the shape of a stocking. The front of it was a calendar with all the days of December. I made felt ornaments to snap on over each day as the days went by. I filled the bag calendar with small gifts, like a piece of candy, a small ornament, or a Christmas card to send to a friend. Each gift was attached with a piece of felt in the shape of a candy cane, holly, santa hat etc. The piece of felt would snap or velcro would be placed over the number of that day.
This year my daughter-in-law asked if I would carry on this tradition for my grandsons. Something special from “GranB”. “Yes,” I replied. How meaningful it would be to carry on this tradition, I thought. I said “Yes” in this year of Alzheimer’s, although I am making it simpler for this generation using large paper Christmas shopping bags from the Dollar Store and sticky notes to write the numbers on and holiday stickers to mark the dates past.
 My message here is carry on your traditions as long as you can. Just make it easier.  Bake your favorite cookies, just less of them or buy them from a bakery.
 Keep it simple and enjoy the festivities of the season.
 Barb's Buzz small
~ Barb Johnson is a journalist living with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease~

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