Barb’s Buzz – Praise for the Early Stage Program

The Early Stage program offered by the Alzheimer’s Association has been most beneficial to my husband and helpful to me, more than words can say. Being able to speak freely with others who also are accepting the diagnosis of experiencing symptoms helps me feel more comfortable living with the disease.

I will use the saying, “Misery loves company”. There is strength in numbers, knowing that there are others who struggle with the diagnosis and the stigma that goes along with Alzheimer’s disease, or a related dementia. The friendships I have made in the group have been important to my well being and feeling good about myself. It is so beneficial for caregivers, the responsible loved ones, spouses, family and friends.

I am grateful that there is an active Alzheimer’s Association chapter in Southeastern Wisconsin. I thank the group leaders that run our support group meetings for giving us information, and for supporting us and our caregivers. They keep us informed, tuned in to what’s going on with research, diet, exercise, and give us hope. The group meetings give us an opportunity to speak up and share our experiences and concerns. It is so comforting to have this support source. Keep it going.

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~ Barb Johnson is a journalist living with Alzheimer’s disease. ~


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