A Visit to the Doctor

It was check-up  time with my Alzheimer’s specialist.  To see how I am doing.   Physically and mentally.
It was scheduled following our Group Support meeting at the Alzheimer’s Association.
I was in a good mood, as always following our group meetings.
          Had  the usual weigh-in.
            It’s those Dr. Office scales.
            They aways add a few pounds  😦
            Let me remove my shoes.
            “What was my weight? Are you sure?  (Gulp)
 It must be the yummy, healthy bar I ate at the meeting or the heavy clothes I am wearing.
            Oh well, a little weight gain.
            “I will pick up the exercise,” I promised.
            It’s those Dr. office scales!
During the actual brain testing, I relaxed and pretended I was at a wedding or baby shower.   Maybe I’ll win a prize.
 “Well, looks like we will keep your meds the same.” the Dr. said.
That really wasn’t so bad.   A light-hearted attitude really helps. 
Barb's Buzz small
~ Barbara Johnson is a journalist living with early stage Alzheimer’s disease.~

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