Barb’s Buzz – Memory Cafe – A 4 Star Experience

Harlan Mueller, one of the spouses in our Alzheimer’s Support Group, has created and organized a social group and named it “The Memory Cafe”.
It is  located at Panera Bread in Brookfield, Wisconsin.
Our first get-together  began around 3 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11.   The support group leaders and Alzheimer’s Association staff set it up and  joined us. They organized the tables and set up various games and activities.
Immediately as the group gathered, the buzz of conversation and laughter began.  Keeping a calendar filled with social activity is good for one’s well being.   It helps ward off loneliness and depression.  It keeps one motivated to look your best, provides encouragement to participate in games, and challenges you to  engage  in conversation.
Activities such as the Memory Cafe keep your social graces intact and socializing is good for the soul and wards off depression and keeps you conversing, socializing and keeps your mind sharp.
My husband Dan stayed for the event.  The two of us and another couple enjoyed it so much that we all stayed after the event was over and had dinner. I look forward to our next Memory Cafe in July.
 Thank you for creating this activity for our support group, Harlan!  And thanks to Panera Bread in Brookfield for providing a wonderful atmosphere for the Memory Cafe.
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~ Barbara Johnson is a journalist living with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease ~




  1. Barb, it is through your honest sharing of feelings that you inspire others, including me… And you have said it many times, that without a definite conclusion our/your comfort comes from others that understand… We will be sharing your thoughts with the manager of Paneras for our appreciation of giving us a place to meet…

    • Harlan,
      Thank you for the compliment. All my life I have been a person that offers to help others, especially with feelings. It makes me feel good if I can give some one else some reassurance. That’s just me.

      Now I must also talk to myself to give myself reassurance. Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or any disease is a devastating blow to one’s self confidence and with me with Alzheimer’s the best way to keep my confidence is to help others with the disease to try be the best they can be. And believe there is Hope to find a cure for this devastating disease that robs us of our dignity.

      Walk with me or form your own walk to raise awareness and funding to find a cure for this disease.


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