Barb’s Buzz: Let’s Hope for Hope in 2014

Thanksgiving is behind us.  Christmas, and other festive religious holidays lie ahead of us.   Followed by a new year.

It will be time to make resolutions. It will be time to hope for discovering new information that will lead to finding a cure for those like myself,  who are living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Hoping is a positive way to cope while living with the disease.  But we must do more than hope. We must help raise funds and awareness so that the Alzheimer’s Association can continue to provide services like our monthly early-stage support group meetings, to counsel those of us, who like myself  are living each day with the disease, and to encourage us and our families to make friends and to bond with each other. These monthly social meetings give both my husband and me advice, support and friendships.

This December, take time to give back. Volunteer to be tested for research.   And look forward to a new year.  For those of us currently in the early-stage support group, we will look forward to the opportunity of welcoming and supporting newcomers to the program, and a chance to introduce them to the Memory Café at Panera Bread in Brookfield.

And thank you to Wendy Betley, our program facilitator, who advises, educates, listens to us, laughs with us, and also provides snacks and refreshments for our monthly meetings.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends.

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~ Barbara Cheek Johnson is a journalist living with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease ~




  1. Thanks Barb for another uplifting message! For those readers who might be personally touched by MCI or early memory loss, consider Barb’s suggestion to check into the Memory Cafe. To step into the spirit now, please join us for a Holiday Party, Saturday, 12/7, from 10:00 to Noon. Details on link

  2. Thanks Barb – great message. I was talking about you and the group at a meeting tonight of the African American caregiver support group. They were inspired by your story and that of the group. Hopefully we can reach more folks with the diagnosis in 2014 and get them connected to support. Have a great holiday and say hi to Dan.

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