Barb’s Buzz – Relax and Enjoy the Holidays

The season has begun.

As my husband and I are driving along in the car, we are noticing more and more Christmas decorations and displays among the houses we pass.  The stores are already filled with holiday shoppers and festive displays.  Soon we will hear bell ringers and Christmas carolers. We enjoy viewing the elaborate light  displays on houses as we drive by or watching children as they visit Santa at our favorite department stores.

Our Christmas gathering changes each year depending on those who will be traveling or staying in town.  This year we have a brand new grand-niece who was born recently.  She is a gift to all of us in the family.

Enjoy everything you do in preparation for the holidays-baking and frosting cookies, finding that special gift for someone, listening to the bell ringers, or watching the excitement of youngsters playing in the snow. Take time to examine a snow flake-each one is different.  Attend a church service and sing, hang a wreath on your front door, put up and decorate a Christmas tree, listen to the carolers, see the smiles on children’s faces, attend Christmas programs at schools or churches. Get together with friends to view the holiday lights. Go and see a movie.

Get into the spirit of the season.  Open up your hearts.  Donate to a cause. Sing along to the holiday music on your favorite radio station.  Build a Snow Man.

Even though Alzheimer’s disease  makes me a bit tired,  I sip that second cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and take time to chat with a friend or family member on the phone or visit a shut in. Put a smile on your face. It is time to enjoy the season.

~ Barbara Cheek Johnson is a journalist living with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease ~

Barb and Dan Johnson are surrounded by their grandchildren, Kipton, Ian and Sophia

Barb and Dan Johnson are surrounded by their grandchildren, Kipton, Ian and Sophia


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