Barb’s Buzz – Alzheimer’s Advocacy Day

My husband Dan and I drove our friends John and Peggy Brandt to our State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin for Advocacy Day on March 17.  It was a very windy day to climb the “Hill” as the Capitol is referred to in Madison. It felt good to get inside and out of the wind.

We met up with over 100 other advocates from the Alzheimer’s Association at the Capitol Lakes Retirement Center.  There was a warm welcome by Kari Paterson, Executive Director of the  Alzheimer’s Association of South Central Wisconsin. Tim Harrington, Development Coordinator, Workplace Relations and Advocacy Focus for the Alzheimer’s Association of Southeastern Wisconsin gave a recap of advocacy efforts in 2015. By the time the day was coming to a close, I was  exhausted  ) ;  I just wanted to curl up and nap.

From the hand out information I was given, I found this statistic to be impactful:  More than 28 million Baby Boomers in the United States are expected to develop Alzheimer’s disease between 2015 and 2050.   My hope is that the medical community will continue to research this disease so that the next generation will be free of it.

~Barbara Cheek Johnson is a journalist living with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease~


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  1. It was a pleasure to meet Barbara and Dan during the 2016 Advocacy Forum in Washington DC. I wish them the best in their fight against the disease and our continued fight to end Alzheimer’s.

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