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(Members of the Purple Canoe Club at the Alzheimer’s Association Annual Meeting on November 15, 2016. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Crocker Stephenson (top row, third from the right) posed with group.  Stephenson has told many of their stories.)

It is important for those with early- stage Alzheimer’s disease (like me) to keep your brain as active as you can. I still consider myself to be a journalist and write a monthly blog for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Attending events is also an important way to remain active too. My husband and I attend many Alzheimer’s Association’s events and meetings. We recently attended the Southeastern Wisconsin chapter’s Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet at the US Bank Building in downtown Milwaukee. I ran into a journalist friend of mine, Crocker Stephenson, who writes for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He was at the event to receive an award for his great coverage of Alzheimer’s disease. Crocker reads my blog faithfully and is waiting for me to write my next one. I feel honored that he likes to read my blog.

I have been very busy lately. My husband Dan and I flew to sunny Palm Springs California to visit his brother. It was a lovely visit. Traveling with Alzheimer’s can be challenging but everything went well! Even our flights there and back were pleasant. As wonderful as it was, it is always nice to be home again.

After returning from our trip, we met our daughter Julie and granddaughter Sophia for dinner and got caught-up with each of our busy lives. December will be busy too with the holidays – Happy Holidays everyone!
~Barbara Cheek Johnson is a journalist with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease~


One comment

  1. Thanks Barb….

    Nice looking group pic !!!

    I’m new to your blog…..I enjoy reading your Buzz columns and your take on things going on….

    Keep writing…..we need good writers .

    Tony and Patti Cutraro

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