Barb’s Buzz – With a Little Help from My Friends

I hope you enjoyed your holidays.  Holidays can be stressful for someone living with Alzheimer’s, but mine were very successful thanks to some dear helpers!  Our kids and nieces and nephews helped Dan and me during the holidays.

My daughter in law Kelly took me shopping for mens sweaters and pajamas for my husband Dan.  She was a God send.   My hubby loved every thing we selected.  I am so glad she helped me shop during the sales and before the last minute shoppers swarmed the malls.

Thanks to my helpers, I was prepared.  We entertained our family and friends.   I was blessed to have a daughter in law, nieces and my daughter to help in the kitchen too with food prep and clean-up.

I count my blessings each day for my family and friends. And I want to remind everyone, that you don’t need to wait until the holidays roll around to be helpful to a caregiver or someone living with Alzheimer’s.  During 2017, I would appreciate it if everyone would consider reaching out to someone who needs assistance and give that gift of help.  It will make a difference.

2911_Alzheimers-1005 Barb Johnson small

~Barbara Cheek Johnson is a journalist living with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease~



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